Apprentice Program Client

Ibero’s Early Childhood Center falls under the agency’s Children and Youth Services Division, which is located at 777 Clifford Avenue in Rochester, New York 14612. The center serves children as young as six-weeks-old through the age of five. Every child in the all-day programs receives hands-on learning in developing and improving their motor skills, level of literacy and path to socialization.  The bilingual and bicultural staff works with children in one-on-one and group settings to establish a strong learning foundation in each child so they are prepared for school.  Staff also works with parents to help them identify goals for their entire family. There’s also an active parent committee that assists in the planning of activities, workshops and interview process.  

As the data indicates, there is a dire need to implement strong reading skills in children as early as possible. The high school graduation rate among Hispanic students in the Rochester City School District has dropped to 43 percent. The importance of reading at grade level by the third and fourth grades is well-documented.  Reports show that children who are not proficient readers by this time are at greater risk of dropping out of high school, living in poverty and suffering other social ills such as incarceration.

In Ibero’s efforts to support literacy among its children, center staff has established a lending library where families can sign out books and take them home to read. However, the books must be returned to the center. It is the goal of the center to collect enough books, so that each family can receive a free book to keep at home. Staff would also like to have enough books to be able to give one to each child to take home at least once a week. This effort would help families establish a reading library at home for themselves and their children. Sadly, some families don’t have more than one book at home, if any at all.

Ibero is a dual-language human services agency that teaches individuals of all backgrounds how to become self-sufficient. Through hands-on learning, we help children, youth, families and individuals with special needs transition into the classroom, the workforce and the community. As the only full-service dual-language nonprofit in Rochester, we have the unique ability to offer our programs in both English and Spanish.

Additionally, Ibero also has resources available for businesses and organizations that would like to expand their outreach into the Latino market. These fee-for-services include translation services and job matching opportunities in the fields of education, health, technology, communications and others.