Why Agency Tours Are My Jam

Before I begin...full disclosure: I’m nosey. I need to know EVERYTHING. If I were a cat, curiosity would have taken all nine of my lives. Google is my best friend and I’m constantly researching and asking questions. Luckily for me, this has come in handy as I build my career in public relations.

As a student, I have had many opportunities to feed my curiosities, specifically those I have about the industry of PR. Internships, networking events and professional affiliations are all great avenues down the same road, but agency tours are the bees knees. My personal favorite. I recently had the opportunity to visit Martino Flynn through PRSA Rochester's Tri-College Program, and it did NOT disappoint!

Not only are agency tours worth the time, they're fun. Here are five reasons why agency tours are my jam:

  1. You meet amazing people and get to see what their day is like. My favorite part about an agency tour is seeing everyone “in their element.” There’s no greater way to get a real understanding of the inner workings of an agency than to to see it in action.

  2. Every public relations office is cool. This is a fact. Any public relations office, agency or corporation is a cool, eclectic place. And why shouldn’t it be? Agencies are inhabited by cool, creative people. Cool begets cool. 

  3. You get to ask questions. As a student, you get the privilege of asking questions - lots of them. Professionals in the industry get that you’re a curious student, a budding communications flower. They expect questions and even welcome them. Professionals are willing to help students. Take full advantage of this opportunity while you can because once you graduate, you’re no longer a student... you’re an unemployed adult.

  4. Awesome networking opportunity. What better way to network yourself into an internship opportunity, than doing so right in the place that you interests you. Agencies are always looking for interns. When they host a group of eager students, it gives them a chance to scout out potential talent. It also gives you the chance to stand out as a potential hire. 

  5. You get to see the company culture. Business casual? Flip flop Fridays? Company culture is important and tells a lot about an agency. While on a tour, you get a sense of the company culture as you meet the employees. It’s an easy way to determine if you’ll fit in BEFORE you apply for an internship.

If you're a student, add an agency tour to your career exploration endeavors!

Laquanda M Fields is a senior public relations student at The College at Brockport and a former intern at McDougall Communications and Dixon Schwabl. She was also on the winning team of the recent PR Apprentice Program. Find her on Twitter @laquandam_ or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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