Interning During a Pandemic

Allow me to introduce myself first, please: my name is Gabriella Garcy and I’m a senior Media and Communication major and Spanish minor at St. John Fisher College. This spring, I’ve had the pleasure of interning at Dresden Public Relations as their Social Media Coordinator.

You may be wondering how I was able to get an internship during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which wasn’t by any means an easy task to do. There are a few key things that I did that helped me land my position, and I’m here to help out the next student who’s ready to take on the challenge of finding an internship and standing out once you do.

Your “Weak-Ties” Are There To Help You

Weak-ties is a phrase I learned this year: These people are here to help you, whether it’s by putting in a good word for you or looking over your resume before you send it to an employer. Your weak-ties may be your professors, friends in your major, or fellow members of a club you participate in. I give a lot of credit to my weak-ties who helped me find and secure my internship. Whatever the case may be, take advantage of your connections! A please and thank you goes a long way, and make sure to return the favor whenever the opportunity arises.

Say “Yes” To Everything

While I know it may feel difficult at times to take on a lot of responsibility at once, you’re primarily at your internship to learn. Employers want to work with someone who has a go-getter attitude. There’s no better way to stand out than by being ambitious, and if you need help, just ask. Take advantage of your chance to be hands-on in your field of interest, and be sure to show up to work with a smile on your face.

Stay Humble: Your Boss Knows Best

While you may think you have a lot of experience through classwork, you’re now starting out in a professional environment. The extra practice is what helps you grow as a young professional and will make you well-rounded. Communicate with your boss if there’s something in particular you want extra experience with or need something looked over. And again, an extra thank you is always appreciated when they do.

While I’ve only been at my internship for a few short weeks, I’ve already been able to have a variety of hands-on experience that has made me excited for a future career in the public relations field. Being able to take everything I’ve learned in the classroom setting and apply it to real life clients has made the experience feel extremely rewarding. I’m happy to be an intern at Dresden Public Relations and I’m looking forward to my next few months as a member of their team.

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