Why choose a job in social media?

The PRIMA Group at St. John Fisher College recently held a week-long series of events for Social Media Week, featuring great sessions and speakers like Leah Stacy, Craig Troskosky, APR and Andrew Knoblauch.

PRSA Rochester Young PR Professionals chair Jessica DiLuglio and I had fun speaking on the “why choose a job in social media panel.” So if you’re considering pursuing a career in social media – read on for some of the questions and answers that we covered!

1. What are your day-to-day tasks?

The day of a social media professional is generally filled by developing content calendars, monitoring specific conversations, responding to mentions of your brand, optimizing paid-social media campaigns and analyzing results of campaigns. Much more important, though, is time spent considering and working with colleagues and clients to determine, implement and evaluate different social media strategies that best support a brand’s specific business objectives.

2. Why did you choose a job in social media?

I like to say that I didn’t choose a job in social media – the job in social media found me!
It’s completely true that timing is everything. For me, I happened to be joining an agency at the same time that a client had an expanded need for support on its social media team.

3. What tools do you use in your job with social media?

Spredfast is an enterprise-level tool that I use to plan, schedule and publish content, monitor conversations and measure performance. Social software is becoming more important every day – so I always encourage students and young professionals to experiment with tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite – the experience will come in handy later on!

4. Which social platform do you use the most?

Word on the street is that Twitter is dead – but it’s still my personal favorite social media platform. I love that I can talk with my best friend one minute and a complete stranger the next – and both experiences feel completely normal on Twitter. The network is so important in keeping me up to date on trends and news and allows such personalized access to brands and individuals around the world.

5. Advice to students looking to work in the social media industry?

My advice for students who want to work with social media is to read something new every day and to write something new every day. Reading and writing skills are the basis of everything we do in PR and social media, and practice truly does make perfect. By reading and writing every day, you’ll be better at incorporating humor into a 140-character tweet, you’ll develop empathy for your audiences and you’ll improve your technical writing ability.

At the end of the day, I enjoy working in social media because I believe it has given us the ability to communicate with audiences more quickly and easily.

Are you pursuing a career in social media?

Jim Mignano is a senior account executive at Text100 and the immediate past president of PRSA Rochester. Find him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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