Bylaws - FAQ


• The Public Relations Society of America Rochester Chapter (PRSA Rochester) looks to make bylaws revisions in order to best service our membership and ensure that standards are upheld and appropriately up-to-date. The following details several guidelines on amendments that the 2014 board wishes to make in updating this document. A copy of this document and proposed amendments can be found on our chapter’s website:
• At this time, the 2014 PRSA Rochester board of directors felt that it was necessary and prudent timing to conduct an update on the current bylaws.
• Per the standards of our document, these bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of membership present at any meeting, providing a quorum is present, and at least 30 days notice has been given to all members of any proposed amendment. Amendments adopted in accordance with this procedure will become effective only after approval by the Society’s national board of directors.
• In accordance with the above standards, members are provided notice of the below proposed amendments as of 9/26/14. We will ask members to cast a vote on these amendment updates at our Dec. 2014 annual holiday mixer. (Date/time TBD.)

What are the specific changes (amendments) being proposed to the current PRSA Rochester bylaws?

a. The language on the Treasurer providing an annual financial report at the annual member business meeting has also been updated to include that any member can request a copy of the year-to-date financial statement/fiscal update from the Treasurer at any time, to enable greater flexibility and transparency for all members.
b. Chapter Delegates: includes a brief annotation to note that the number of current chapter (Assembly) Delegates will be based on the standards of the national organization. The Chapter will also pay up to $750 for each delegate to attend the assembly, which has been raised from the previous number ($500), as this expense has changed over time and has been allocated as such per current y/y budgets.

a. Language on the committee structure has been updated to reflect more current times, and the necessary support committees that enable the chapter to function successfully as it does today.
b. Language on the addition of other standing committees has been tweaked, in that such additions may be approved by a simple majority vote by the Chapter’s board of directors; vs. entire membership approval. This is a simple business decision that can be made directly at the board level.

a. Annual Election language: much remains the same, with the exception being that completion will occur “no later than December 31,” vs. specifically prior to the International Conference and Assembly. This modification allows us the same standard of getting everything completely in a timely manner, while being flexible. As we know, dates of the International Conference and the Assembly are subject to change, y/y. Additionally, language has been updated to be more reflective of the current times (elections previously conducted “by mail”).
b. “Chapter Meetings” language: has been slightly modified. Previous text indicated that no meetings are held in July or August. To keep concurrent with the times (as meetings/events) now typically occur during those months, we have removed this item.

Who can answer any additional questions on the 2014-2015 bylaws update?
• Main contact: PRSA Rochester Chapter President Shannon Lappin, [email protected]
• Attend our Oct. 16 Annual Business Meeting (details located on our website), and ask any member of the 2014 board.
Thank you for your time and attention to this important update for our chapter.