3 Content Marketing Tips from Local Experts

In April, PRSA Rochester partnered with St. John Fisher College’s Department of Media & Communication to host a content marketing workshop featuring local content marketing experts, Ben Rand from Conduent, Inc., Glenn Clark from Clark CSM, TC Pellett from Initial Here Creative Services and Sarah Poe and Emily Bliss from Tipping Point Communications. Here are some of the tips and tricks that nearly 100 people in the audience were able to take away from the workshop.

  1. Take the time to think about the story you’re not telling. Is there a staff member at your organization that has an interesting story your customers or clients should know? Or a new business practice you’ve implemented that could help them, too?
  2. Categorize your content. Breakdown everything you do into different groups; people, the process, recognition, events, your brand identify and more. Be sure to feature stories and content from all of these areas to keep people interested (and give you more ideas, too).
  3. Measure your way to success. The key to content marketing measurement is knowing what to measure. What was the piece intended to do? What was the medium? Who was the intended audience? What was the call-to-action? Be sure to keep the objective in mind when you’re looking at your results.

 Stay tuned for our next workshop in September!