Member Spotlight: Nick Guadagnino

Nick Guadagnino is a counselor at McDougall Communications, where he supports clients with media relations, social media management, and strategic content development. He also volunteers with PRSA Rochester on the membership committee. We chatted with Nick to learn more about his decision to pursue a career in PR, his advice for young professionals, and what PR lessons he learned in his former retail job at Men’s Warehouse. 

Why did you decide to pursue a career in public relations?
I was originally pursuing a career in journalism, but decided it wasn’t for me. I was at RIT at the time and didn’t want to transfer to another school, so I decided to see what other programs were offered in the Department of Communications. I spoke with several professors and decided that Advertising and Public Relations was for me. It allowed me to continue writing, but in a more creative format than before, which is what I wanted all along. 

What does an average day look like for you at McDougall Communications?
Anyone working in an agency setting will agree that no two days are alike. But if I had to give a broad overview, my days are spent generating content. Whether it be through social media or media relations, I spend my days crafting messages for my clients. 

What’s the best lesson you learned while working at Men’s Wearhouse that applies to PR?
I learned a lot about customer service at Men’s Wearhouse. Many in retail will argue that “the customer’s always right,” but I disagree with that sentiment. At the end of the day, it’s problem solving that makes the biggest difference. Regardless of whether the customer is right or wrong, if you can help them solve whatever problem has come their way, does it matter who’s right and who’s wrong? This can go a long way in the PR world, too. 

When you’re not busy working, what do you like doing in your spare time?
Read and write. I admit that I don’t write as much as I should, or as much as I’d like, but I always have a book by my side wherever I go.  

What advice do you have for young professionals entering the field of public relations?
Reach out to people in the field and ask for informational interviews. Everyone I’ve met in the PR world, at least in Rochester, has been gracious and welcoming. They’ll be more than happy to meet with you and share useful information to help you get your start.