Sharleen M. Bruse Award

Sharleen Bruse was a longtime member of PRSA who served several years on the board. She was a mentor to many young professionals and gave freely of her time and expertise to community efforts. Her unexpected death in 1990 came less than one year after she retired as executive director of Cancer Action. The Chapter established the award in honor of Sharleen M. Bruse, a former Chapter board member, to recognize members who help advance the career development of other Chapter members and who are active in community service. The award is presented at the PRisms award ceremony.  

Past recipients include:

Erin Humphrey (2017)

Carl Langsenkamp (2015)

Barbara Pierce, APR (2013)

"For me, the Sharleen Bruse Award has always been the “lifetime achievement award” in Public Relations in Rochester. In the early years of my career, I watched as Sandy Beckwith, Daisy Guthin, Charlie Smith, and other notable PR leaders accepted their awards. I knew I wanted to reach that level of achievement and service to the profession.

Lucky for us, Rochester’s PRSA chapter is one of the most vibrant, engaging, and connected industry groups around. So it was easy to spend time alongside my peers and mentors to support the chapter – and grow my skills and experience. Of course, I am far too young to have earned a “lifetime achievement award” – but I am honored to have been recognized while a new and promising crew of talented PR pros start to make their impact on the profession."

Michael McDougall, APR (2011)

"Early in my public relations career, a number of senior practitioners were generous in their gifts of time, wisdom and coaching, helping shape my view of the profession, the opportunities ahead, and the importance of giving back. Fortunately, I’ve remained close with many of them, and continue to learn from their experiences and insights. It’s in that spirit that I found myself doing the same over the years, moving from coffee meeting to networking discussion to phone call with students, recent graduates, peers and even veterans looking for new perspectives.

While being recognized with the Sharleen M. Bruse Award in 2011 was certainly an honor, it’s been even more rewarding to see – and at times encourage – fellow PR professionals use their knowledge and skills to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. People describe the Rochester region as one-of-a-kind. As unique. As having that special something. I’d like to think that Sharleen played a big role in that years ago, and that we’re each doing our part to extend her legacy."

Kevin Kane, APR (2009)

"After my 10 or so years of PRSA Rochester Chapter board service and other leadership duties, I love the fact that so many on today’s Rochester Chapter board came from the ranks of the PRism or District Conference committees, and some were even PRSSA student leaders before that. They are now well-poised for even larger duties and successes – I strongly believe in that succession planning and training model.

By sharing their time, talent and treasures with their peers and students hoping to enter this profession, Bruse winners became better professionals, developed/shared skills perhaps not otherwise available in their 'day jobs,' and hundreds of local PR people benefitted too."

Raymond Martino (2007)

Jeff Halik, APR (2006)

Christopher K. Veronda, APR (2005)

Kit Pollicove (2004)

Duane Pancoast, APR (2002)

Charles Smith (2000)

Daisy Guthin, APR (1998)

John Rasor (1997)

Sandra Beckwith (1996)