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April 2021  

PRSA Rochester Board Update

The PRSA Rochester Board of Directors, 2021 Slate of Officers has been approved unanimously by the membership. Visit our website to see our 2021 Board of Directors.

If you are interested in serving on the PRSA Rochester Board, please contact current President, Melissa Greco Lopes at [email protected].

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PRism News

PRism Update – we want to hear from you!

Our colleagues at the Nashville PRSA Chapter have nearly completed judging entries and as we await their returns, the committee is looking into presenting the PRism awards ceremony in person this summer—with some caveats for group size, based on NYS and Monroe County Departments of Health.

Program planning is underway, but we are seeking input from members through a survey about preferences. Members are asked to submit ideas they are open to when considering an onsite gig. The survey can be found online. The survey will remain open until mid-May. All answers and comments will be kept confidential. Results will be provided to the membership and details about the awards event, tentatively looking toward July, will be included. At that time, awardees including the 2021 Rising Star and Sharlene Bruse winners will be announced.

In November, the Rochester chapter will be asked to judge PRSA Nebraska's entries. In an interesting twist this year, the Rochester, Nashville and Nebraska are a trio of judging groups—Rochester covers Nebraska, Nashville covers Rochester and Nebraska covers Nashville....whew! An interesting triangle, but also an example of chapter cooperation. With award contests using online systems, chapters have the opportunity to judge peers from across the county. 

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PRSA Northeast District and National News Update

PRSA National formally launched its Voices4Everyone initiative. With the national emphasis on providing more inclusive and civil discourse, the PRSA organization is seeking to engage its membership in leading this charge.  Resources are available to assist members looking to better understand diversity challenges, to develop media literacy skills to reduce (and reply to) disinformation and to encourage the kind of interpersonal communication that brings people together.

Chapter members are invited to check out the materials posted thus far, and provide ideas and resources to share with PRSA National through Bobbi Lonobile [email protected]

This year marked an addition to the PRSA Northeast District team. Rene Petties-Jones, a member of the PRSA Buffalo chapter board and president of the National Federation for Just Communities of Western NY, was elected as the district’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer. She is a voting member of the district board and will provide insights about furthering the profession through identifying recruitment and retention issues related to diverse candidates to improving interpersonal communications.

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Upcoming PRSA Rochester Programs and Events

Coffee and Conversations: Recapping 365 Days of Craze

April 22, 2021 | 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM | FREE

It’s been a year, we all know it. Craving caffeine and connecting with your PRSA Rochester peers? Join us in our upcoming Coffee and Conversations via Zoom. Register here.

2021 Northeast District Conference: ROAD MAP: Directions for a New Journey

June 17 – June 18, 2021 | Virtual Half Day Sessions

The 2021 Northeast District Conference is right around the corner. This year’s theme: 2021 ROAD MAP: Directions for a New Journey. This event will take place virtually on Thursday and Friday, June 17 and 18 and will include renowned keynote speakers and workshops on topics such as consumer PR, data management and finding out where ‘danger’ lurks. Purchase your early bird ticket here.

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APR Month

April is National APR Month, making it the perfect time to learn more about getting Accredited in Public Relations (APR)! To do so, check out our upcoming event.

APR Month Special Event: Advancing your Career with Accreditation
April 29, 2021 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM | FREE

Our APR Committee Co-Chairs Patty Corvaia, APR, and Jamie Frumusa, APR have put together a one-hour event that will provide a brief overview on accreditation, followed by a panel of recent graduates sharing insights into their accreditation journey, and an open Q&A from attendees. Register here

The event will conclude with details about an upcoming APR Boot Camp (Nov. 10-12, 2021), in which participants can achieve their APR during a three-day virtual event. 

Meet our APRs

In honor of APR Month, we’re sharing insights from our chapter/s recent APR recipients. Read their interviews for takeaways about the process and tips on earning your accreditation.

Member Spotlight: Melissa Greco Lopes

Member Spotlight: Charla Kucko & Rich Pulvino

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Ethics Corner

Gardener or Gunslinger: An Honest Mentality is an Ethical Mentality 

Are you a gardener or a gunslinger?

In a recent national call with PRSA chapter ethics leaders, John Ramirez, Dean of Operations, College of Doctoral Studies, University of Phoenix, presented these two types of characters when discussing honesty. There’s no question that honesty matters in public relations, and it’s a major part of the PRSA Code of Ethics.

Ramirez made the point that one common trait between a good leader and a bad leader is honesty. In his analogy he compares two types of people: the gunslinger and the gardener.

Gunslingers are skilled in their craft. They can get the job done, but they do so in a way that negatively impacts others. They often exhibit a long-term pattern of dishonest behavior that’s self-serving, even if they feel what they are doing is to help the organization.

In contrast, the gardener is perhaps less glamourous and showy, but is still dedicated to the craft. They work the soil, plant seeds, act meticulously. They do the hard, honest work when necessary.

Gardeners build character among others, through their own behaviors. They’re not necessarily loud but they’re truthful in their words and actions. And Ramirez says, they tend to make the best leaders.

So, are you a gardener or a gunslinger? How have you demonstrated honesty, integrity and other PRSA Code of Ethics in your daily work or personal life?

If you aren’t sure where to begin or how to bring honesty to a crisis involving dishonesty at work, Jeff Lambert, CEO of Lambert and Company, a national PR Firm, has a suggestion: make the business case but then also offer an alternative solution to move forward.

“It’s not just ‘stop doing this,’ it’s ‘start doing that,’ and I think CEOs don’t want to be told no, but they do want ideas, strategies, and they’re absolutely concerned about organization and business impact,” Lambert says. “Show proof points in how this is the wrong direction and give them a solution. I’ve found that to be really effective.”

Honesty isn’t just about the big things, either, but what you do in everyday situations. That means having honest conversations and building honest teams. It means having a culture of honesty that is built on wellness – mental, physical, intellectual, occupational, financial wellness – shared Pete Scott, CEO, American Academy of Optometry.

“Some of our senior team have been more comfortable to have honest conversations as they’ve become more well,” he says. “Before it was easier to be either passive aggressive or just oh so nice, and it was easier to be nice and not easy to be honest. And we’re finding as they become more well-rounded they become more confident and that we are able to have much better conversations with our teams and with each other and that’s really positioned us to be able to grow and expand and be open to new ideas much more than before.”

And really – an organization with a culture built on wellness is a gardener type of culture. When all else fails, put down the gunslinger mentality and plant the gardener’s seeds of honesty.

Interested in the full webinar? PRSA members can view it here

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Kudos Corner

Congratulations are in order for PRSA Rochester board member Nadine General, Manager Partner, Communications at Dixon Schwabl for being named one of the 2021 Women of Excellence Honorees!

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PRSA Membership

April Membership Offers

Amazon Gift Card Offer:
New and returning members will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card when they join National as a Regular member ($260 annual dues). Use promo code: SPRING21

Please note: This offer is not applicable for Associate member types ($200 or less annual dues) and current or renewing members. Chapter and Section dues are additional. Refer to this website for details.

Member Get a Member Promo:

Prizes awarded for top-level recruiters: up to 9 members, recruiters receive a $30 Amazon gift card for each new member; recruit 10 or more new members and receive a complimentary ICON 2021 registration. For new incoming members, we’ll waive the initiation fee of $65. When registering, new members should use the promo code: FRIEND21

Please note: This does not apply to Group members.

Membership Quarterly Payment Plan:

Remember, if you would like to be billed quarterly, please call the PRSA Member Services Team at 212-460-1400 to set up your payment plan.

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